Customized training

VCU Human Resources works directly with individual department managers to determine training needs and to develop appropriate implementation plans. We facilitate focus groups, distribute surveys or meet directly with department managers to determine needs. In addition to offering ongoing professional development opportunities for staff and supervisors, we provide customized, just-in-time training for individual departments, including consultation and needs assessment.

When is customized training right for your department?
You may wish to consider departmental training if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • You are unsure of your training needs and would like us to make an assessment and help you develop a plan
  • Your entire department must be trained at one time
  • You need assistance with strategic planning, reorganization efforts or process redesign
  • You need specific training that is not offered on the open enrollment schedule
  • You need content and support materials that are specific to your department

Customized departmental training offers many advantages, including:

  • Sessions designed around most any topic
  • Average three-week turnaround time from departmental request date
  • Customized location, content and program length to meet department needs
  • A nominal fee that is typically less than an outside consultant
  • Staff familiarity with university culture, goals and mission
  • High-level credibility of training staff credibility with other VCU faculty and staff

Examples of customized training

Change management
Health care and higher education are changing every day, and VCU is leading the way. But even when circumstances are ideal, change can be difficult to experience. The Office of Training and Development offers several options for departments who need assistance in managing change.

One of the most common changes facing organizations today is the transition from a traditional structure to a team format. Many VCU areas are moving toward the team-structure approach. Whether your group works as an informal or structured team, our staff can help you adjust through these topical HR sessions:

  • Team leadership and facilitation (for supervisors and team leaders)
  • Your role on the team (for team members)
  • Quality tools for problem solving (for all employees)
  • Conflict resolution (for all employees)

Management coaching
Managers wear two hats when experiencing change and transition. First, they must go through a transition process themselves. Second, they are faced with the task of supporting staff through change. We can help with individual coaching, including assistance with developing an action plan for implementing change.

Continuous quality improvement
We support VCU’s continuous quality improvement process by providing baseline information and training. We place particular emphasis on every employee’s role in the delivery of quality service to patients, guests and coworkers. We provide several workshops designed to help staff and supervisors develop critical skills for participating in work teams. Topics include:

  • Your role on the team
  • Team leadership and facilitation
  • Quality tools for problem solving
  • Empowering employees

We also serve as objective facilitators for newly formed teams and/or provide train-the-trainer instruction on team facilitation.