Priority interviews and classified placement rights

University employees are entitled to priority interviews during their notice period. A priority interview is a guaranteed interview for a vacant position comparable to the employee’s current job. A comparable position is defined within the VCU compensation structure as the same VCU job title as the employee’s current position. Those University employees who are in the senior-level of a job series are guaranteed priority interviews for their current job title and the matching base job.


For example, a Senior Accountant at a level 2 is eligible for priority interviews for any of the following positions: Senior Accountant 1, 2, 3 and Accountant 1, 2, 3.

An Accountant at a level 2 is eligible for priority interviews for any of the following positions: Accountant 1, 2, 3.

In order to be eligible for this benefit, the University employee must apply for the comparable position through the VCU Jobs posting process. Minimum qualifications must be met in order to receive a priority interview for the open position. The interview, however, does not guarantee placement in the open position. Hiring managers must consider priority interview candidates according to the same standards as other candidates interviewed for the position (see employment guidelines).

If an employee accepts a comparable position with the same number of work hours and equivalent pay at VCU or with any state agency within one year of the notice date, the right to additional priority interviews and severance benefits terminates. Employees may turn down comparable positions without losing the right for priority interviews for other such positions for which they submit applications.

University employees who apply for comparable positions (based on corresponding state role title) at state agencies other than VCU may request preferential hiring documentation from VCU HR.

The University employee’s manager has the discretion to grant administrative leave (see leave guidelines), allowing the employee paid time off to search for alternate employment. As budget permits, departments have the discretion to provide outplacement services such as resume writing and referral services, and career counseling and coaching. In making this decision, managers should consider the cost, level of the position being terminated, as well as the number of affected employees.

Classified employees follow the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Human Resource Management’s layoff policy, which includes placement rights within VCU and other state agencies. Classified employees from other state agencies will continue to receive preferential placement. If a Classified employee from another state agency is placed within VCU, that employee becomes a University employee.


Conditions Under Which Interviews and Placement Rights Cease

  • If you are offered a position as a result of the preferential hiring process at another state agency (Blue Card), where no salary reduction or relocation is required, you must accept or you will be separated from employment. You will no longer be entitled to other priority interview or placement options or to severance benefits. Benefits also cease if you resign or retire. (You are not required to accept VCU positions for which you had priority interview rights, even if there would be no salary reduction. However, if you accept a comparable position during your notice period, your right to further priority search or severance benefits terminates.)

  • Severance ceases if you are re-employed by the Commonwealth or hired as an independent contractor or consultant while receiving benefits.