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VCU RealTime user guides:

VCU RealTime User Guide

VCU RealTime Manager and Timekeeper Guide

VCU RealTime On-call Pay Guide

VCU RealTime Designee System Guide

VCU RealTime training and access:

  • New employees who must track hours worked and/or leave requests in VCU RealTime will automatically be granted access once new hire information has been entered in Banner HR.
  • Supervisors who need access in RealTime to approve leave and hours worked will automatically be granted access in RealTime once they are entered as a supervisor in Banner HR.
  • Timekeepers must complete the in-person Timekeeping Policies class by registering at Talent@VCU. They must also complete the VCU Realtime Timekeeping Module in Talent@VCU in order to gain access in RealTime. Once required trainings are completed, supervisor or department HRA/HRP must submit a request for access.


Managing VCU RealTime:

All employees must have a supervisor listed in Banner HR who is responsible for approving hours worked and leave requests. Supervisors may appoint a temporary designee to manage all timekeeping and leave responsibilities for all of their employees in the system, on an exception basis. Supervisors who wish to appoint temporary designee may do so via the self service RealTime designee system. Supervisors who are eligible to appoint a full designee may complete the VCU RealTime full designee form and submit to


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