Hiring veterans

In accordance with Virginia state policy, a veteran’s military service will be taken into consideration by VCU during the selection process provided the veteran meets the minimum requirements of the available position.

Eligible Veteran
A veteran is defined as a person who served in any branch of the United States Armed Forces, Virginia National Guard or Reserves. Preference will also be given to the surviving spouse and/or children of veterans killed in the line of duty.

Preference Afforded to Veterans in Recruitment Process
Veterans’ preference will be afforded to eligible veterans for both faculty and staff positions. Preference will apply for initial employment, subsequent employment, promotions and competitive transfers. Hiring managers and/or search committees must ensure that preference is given to veterans. After the initial application screening, hiring managers will treat veteran status as a preferred qualification and veteran status with service-connected disability as an additional preferred qualification. For example, if a veteran meets the minimum qualifications for a position, the search committee should consider his/her veteran status as a preferred qualification.

An applicant with veterans’ preference must be offered the job when his/her qualifications (job-related experience and skills) are “substantially equal” to the best qualified applicant not eligible for veterans’ preference.

VCU is a V3 employer
VCU is a certified V3 (Virginia Values Veterans) employer. The V3 program is a free training and certification program for employers to help them implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly-skilled and dependable veterans.