Job Families

Looking for the job summary tool? 
VCU employees are invited to use the job summary tool to view VCU job information, market salary ranges and comparison data for other positions. 

A job family is a group of jobs related by common vocations or professions. Jobs in a job family have related knowledge, skills, abilities (competencies) and other factors that represent a career path from entry level jobs to senior executives. These job families are based on occupational areas as opposed to a university organizational chart; jobs in your school or department may likely fall into several of these job families. This design is intentional so that our job families can stay current even if our organizational structure changes over time. 

The job family structure is also a powerful career tool designed for career progression for almost every job at VCU. It makes it easy to see what skills and qualifications you need to progress in your current job family. Employees who are interested in trying something new can explore changing careers using the requirements and responsibilities of jobs in other job families as a guide. 

Salary ranges
A market-based salary range is established for each job in the family and is based on external salary data for similar work by other comparable employers. Movement through the market ranges can be accomplished through a combination of merit-based salary increases and career path advancements in an employee's current position (e.g., promotions in place) as well as through competitive promotions to new positions through the hiring/search process. 

Job summaries
These are general job descriptions for every job at the university. Your specific job may not match any of these job summaries exactly; the job summaries are meant to be a general description, scope of work and level of authority for jobs you might find in any organization. This helps us ensure that VCU is offering a competitive salary for each job. 

View salary ranges for each job family in the accordions below.