Extending or reopening a search

Extend a Search
A search may be extended for the purpose of increasing the number of qualified candidates, applicants from a diverse background and in cases where a suitable candidate has not been identified during the screening or interviewing process. Additional posting length should be commensurate with the position.

Reopen a Search
In most cases, searches that have been ongoing for a period of six (6) months or more should be closed and a new request to post must be initiated. Departments with positions in specialized disciplines, where there is difficulty identifying qualified applicants, may contact HR to request a posting extension beyond six months (see section above on “Extending a Search”). When a decision is made to revise the qualifications for the position, the current search must be terminated and a new request to post is required. Applicants must then be notified that an administrative decision has been made not to fill the position. Even though a successful candidate was not identified, any related recruitment documentation must be uploaded to the applicant tracking system.