VCU ImageNow

ImageNow is VCU's document imaging and management system. ImageNow captures and stores documents electronically, links documents to personnel data, and allows users to easily search for documents. 

Each unit at VCU has their own ImageNow workflow that allows them to capture documents and route them to central university HR. This HR workflow allows for collaboration and a timely processing of personnel action documents.

Prior to using ImageNow, the department HR contact should work with HRIS to ensure all ImageNow access and training have been completed.

To use ImageNow, follow the below steps:

  1. Ensure you have an active ImageNow account with appropriate access.
  2. Received ImageNow workflow training from VCU HRIS and review instructions as needed here.
  3. Submit the documents to your unit’s ImageNow workflow queue
  4. Route those documents to central university HR for processing within ImageNow

Do not email your documents to That email is no longer in use and if documents are sent there they will not be processed.

ImageNow is equipped to handle the transmission of sensitive data securely, including new hire paperwork.

If a user experiences any technical issues with ImageNow, please contact John McCann at