ImageNow is VCU's document imaging and management system. ImageNow captures and stores documents electronically, links documents to personnel data, and allows users to easily search for documents. Please note: emailed documents take 20 minutes to be received through ImageNow.

  1. Prepare your HR documents.
  2. Obtain appropriate employee and department approvals.
  3. Scan the HR documents and save them as a .pdf, .gif, or .tif file format.
  4. Email scanned HR documents to as an attachment. DO NOT include text in the email as it will be deleted. Or fax documents to (804) 827-8250 with the Personnel Action Form (PAF) first (no cover sheet).

The email is used only for sending paperwork to ImageNow, not for correspondence (it does not have “reply-to” capability and, as indicated above, any text will be deleted). This system works solely on the ability to link documents to a person in Banner. If a person does not exist in Banner, paperwork cannot be linked. When emailing more than one new hire packet, attach each employee’s paperwork in separate emails. If the documentation is a Personnel Action Form (PAF) and letter, one attached file for more than one employee is acceptable. Only email documents that should be processed by HR Operations (for example, PAFs and supporting new hire documentation). Items that should NOT be emailed or faxed:

  • Interview notes
  • Documents without the PAF attached
  • Timesheet amendments
  • Documents without V#s