Applicant pool -- internal vs. external

It is important to determine the target audience for the recruitment. For example, are you  seeking applicants with knowledge of VCU specific systems and policies? If so, conducting an internal recruitment, open to VCU employees only, may be most effective. Alternatively, if you want to recruit applicants with a very niche or specific skillset, it may be beneficial  to cast a wider net and advertise externally. To encourage promotion from within, departments should consider posting to internal applicants only for the first five days.

Internal recruitment afford existing employees the opportunity to apply for the job opening and can also be linked to succession planning and career development. Internal recruitment can include promotions to a higher level position as well as lateral moves to a same level position. The benefits of recruiting current VCU employees are:  managers may already have a good idea of the employees’ capabilities; rewards employees for past performance; retains the University's investment in the employee; reduces the amount of time necessary to orient the person to the new position; and encourages positive morale and retention.