Classified staff

Monetary and leave awards can be given, as described below, for various levels of accomplishments or contributions. Eligible employees include all classified employees with current performance evaluation ratings of "Developing" or better and no active written notices; wage (hourly or student) employees are eligible as described below. 

Total recognition awards of all types covered by these guidelines cannot exceed $5,000 in a fiscal year and/or five days of leave per calendar year per classified employee. For purposes of the 2021 merit process, awards cannot exceed 5% of an employee’s salary.

  • Where monetary (cash) awards are permitted, any university fund source may be used to pay for a recognition award. Sponsored research (ledger 5) funds may be used as a source for payment if the payment is directly related to work on a grant or contract and the sponsor allows recognition payments.  Lump-sum payments are normally included in a single check with regular pay. Supplemental tax rates apply. However, the employee also has the option of putting the lump-sum payment into an account with the VCU Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) program or the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP).
  • Recognition leave (REC) can be granted as described below for classified employees, separately or in combination with monetary awards; wage employees are not eligible for leave or paid time off. Recognition leave expires within 12 months of the date it is awarded. Any active unused recognition leave is paid to the employee upon separation or transfer to another state agency and is subject to income tax withholding.