Banner administrative pages:

Personnel Action Form (PAF) reference guide

Express hire

Faculty rank, tenure status and title

  • PEAFACT: instructions for updating rank and tenure status

Instructions for all ePAFs

Adjunct contract renewal (AJREN) 


Decentralized funding changes (instructions)

Graduate assistant renewal (GREN)

  • GREN: Graduate renewal instructions

Supervisor (SUPUP)

Terminations (TERME and TERMJ) 

Timesheet ORG 

Work-study hire/re-hire (WSHIRE)

  • WSHIRE: Work-study New Hire/Re-hire ePAF instructions

Work-study Job Change (WSCHG)

  • WSCHG: work-study job change ePAF instructions

HR and payroll query forms 

Banner training

To complete Banner training online via Blackboard, please follow these steps:

      • Visit

      • Click on the “Courses and Organizations” tab in the top row.

      • Search "Banner" in the course search box.

      • Click the double arrows next to the desired course ID; click the “Enroll” button and follow the prompts to complete the course and required quiz.

Reports and the VCU Reporting Center

Log onto the myVCU Portal and click on “VCU Reporting Center” under General Resources. Use the HRIS Report Request to request a new report or request changes to an existing one.

To request access to HR data in the ODS or via a data feed, please complete this Request for HR Data.

Please contact with questions.