HR information systems access

To complete Banner training online in Canvas, please follow these steps:

  • Login to Canvas 
  • Go to Commons
  • Search "Basic Banner" in the search bar
  • Select the "Basic Banner Navigation & System/Data Security (required for Banner access)" course

To complete the Banner training online via Talent@VCU, please follow these steps:

  • Login to Talent@VCU
  • Hover your mouse over "Learning" and click "Learner Search"
  • Enter "Basic Banner Navigation" in the search bar and click "enter"
  • Select the "Banner Basic Navigation & System/Data Security (required for Banner access)" training and click "Launch"

To complete the ImageNow training online via Talent@VCU, please follow these steps:

The ImageNow training is for new and existing HR Professionals and HR Associates. 

  • Login to Talent@VCU
  • Hover your mouse over “Learning” and click “Learning Search”
  • Enter “ImageNow Training for HR” in the search back and click “enter”
  • Select the “VCU ImageNow Training for HR” training and click “Launch”

Once that training, and any other required training for your role, is complete please have your HR Professional submit a ticket to Banner HR via and request ImageNow access for your Unit. 

To request HR information systems access (including Banner), complete the following steps:

1. Find eID and password
You will need your eID and password to log in. The VCU eID is VCU’s single university-wide identifier. Currently, it is used for logging in to email accounts, Blackboard, the myVCU Portal and other applications. You can find and manage your eID at

2. Complete required training
You must have the required training for the type of access you need to perform your job duties, as indicated below:

  • Consult with your supervisor or human resources associate to determine the HR role that is required for your job responsibilities and select, with their approval, the corresponding training: HR Banner roles and training.
  • Complete the required training and quizzes, as applicable, online in Canvas or Talent@VCU or in classroom training.
  • To obtain timekeeping access:
    • Complete the in-person Timekeeping Policies class; register at
    • Complete the VCU Realtime Timekeeping Module in Blackboard. 
    • Ask your supervisor to submit a request for your access.  

3. Submit request
Once you have your eID and have completed the required training, ask your supervisor or department Human Resources associate to follow these instructions to complete your access request.

  • Go to
  • Sign into the system with your eID and password.
  • Click “New IT Support Ticket.” 
  • Enter “Banner HR” in the search, and click on “Request/Modify Account.” 
  • Under "Requested for" enter the name of the person you are requesting access for. 
  • Enter a brief description of the request under "Request Description."
  • Enter the ORGs in the "Departmental ORG List" field. If you are requesting university-wide access, provide justification.
  • Choose the role from the "Staff Access Level" list. Check “Timekeeper” if you are requesting timekeeping access. 
  • Click "Submit.” 

Please note: Users will be required to sign a confidentiality and compliance statement. In compliance with VCU’s password standard, your Banner password and access are for your use only and cannot be shared with others. For additional questions, please email


Requesting Banner Access

Banner HR can only be requested by your Supervisor, HRP, or HRA. To successfully submit an IT request to gain banner access, an authorized individual should:

  • Open a new IT request
  • When promoted, click Accounts & Access
  • Click on University Administrative Resources
  • Select "Banner HR"