Identify vacancy and evaluate need

Recruitment provides opportunities for departments to identify needed skill sets, and complement existing talent in order to achieve school/unit and university goals. Proper planning and evaluation of needs will help ensure the right person for the role and team is hired. When attrition occurs, or the need to establish a new position is evident, hiring managers should begin the employment process by reviewing their department’s organizational needs. Managers should collaborate with key stakeholders and HR in order to compare current talent against existing and possible needs.

Newly created position.

  • Respond to these questions when proposing the establishment of a new position:
  • What type of position is needed?
  • What are the budget implications/constraints?
  • What are the other alternatives? (for example reassignments, outsourcing, independent contractors, overtime work, secondary assignments)
  • Considering the business need, have talent gaps been identified?
  • Is the need for additional staffing temporary or will additional staffing meet a long-term business need?

If there is a need to create a new position for posting, submit a request for “position establishment” through the online recruitment system. For instructions on how to establish a new position, please refer to the Talent @VCU recruitment guide. If additional assistance in addressing the questions above is needed, consider working with Human Resources to develop a workforce plan.


Filling a Vacant Position.

  • Respond to these questions before submitting requests to fill vacant positions:
  • Does the position need to be filled as it currently exists?
  • What type of position is needed? Same or different employee type?
  • Should the position be redesigned?
  • Can or Should assigned tasks be redistributed to others?
  • Can the position and function be abolished altogether?
  • What are the budget implications/constraints?
  • What are other alternatives? (For example: reassignments, outsourcing, independent contractors (ICs), overtime work, secondary assignments)
  • Can all or part of the current responsibility be automated using new or existing technology?

After these questions have been answered, carefully review the current position description. If additional assistance in answering these questions is necessary, consider working with HR to develop a workforce plan.