Faculty Changes in Status

A change in status occurs whenever there is a change to a faculty member's appointment. These changes include leave, salary increases/decreases, additional duties, tenure status changes, etc. When these changes occur, the HR professional/associate is responsible for ensuring that necessary approvals have been obtained and that a new contract and Personnel Action Form (PAF) are issued. The types of changes in status that require approvals before a new contract can be issued include salary increases, bonuses, tenure status changes, track transfers, extension of tenure review year, etc. If a change in status occurs during a faculty member's current contract, the HR professional/associate should issue a superseding contract and use "superseding" language at the top, which references the date of their last contract (see example below). If a change in status occurs concurrently with the faculty member's contract renewal, the appropriate contract template should be used and "superseding" language is not necessary. If a faculty member is tenured, any change in status would require "superseding" language with the date of their most recent contract referenced.

Below are links to some of the most common types of changes in status with sample contracts, PAFs, corresponding policies, procedures and/or guidelines: