Roles and responsibilities

Hiring Manager
The hiring manager has a critical role in the employment process and selecting the candidate that will shape the future of their department, school, and the university at large. They are responsible for several aspects of the process including ensuring compliance with the prescribed search procedures as provided in these guidelines.The hiring manager defines hiring need, develops the position description, recruitment plan, and other recruitment related documents. The HM may serve as Search Committee Chair and identifies Search Committee members. Conducts recruitments showing good faith efforts to broaden diversity

Human Resources consists of a combination of HR Professionals, HR Administrators and Centralized Human Resources (VCU HR) functions. The role of HR is to ensure employment practices adhere to institutional policies and applicable laws, partner with Hiring Managers and Search Committee Chairs to develop proactive recruitment strategies and to provide guidance throughout the recruitment process. Human Resources is also responsible for developing and maintaining best practices for the employment process that fulfill VCU’s commitment to equal employment opportunities  

Search Committee Chair
The search committee chair has a significant role in the University and Academic Professional search process to include providing leadership to ensure an organized, timely, effective, legal, proactive, and accountable search. In addition, they serve as the official spokesperson for the committee, ensure the search complies with all institutional policies and applicable laws, and coordinate the administrative tasks associated with the search process.

Search Committee Member
All members on the search committee play a critical role in the search process. They must make the time to commit to the search process and understand the expectations of their role. Search committee members are responsible for complying with institutional policies and applicable laws, participating in active recruitment, screening and interviewing applicants and providing recommendation of finalist(s) to the Search Committee Chair.

Interview Panel Members
All members of the interview panel must take the time to prepare for and participate in the interview process.  They are responsible for complying with institutional policies and applicable laws, and providing recommendations of finalists to the hiring manager.