Create the posting

Once the position description has been completed, the position can be posted to the VCU career site. All job openings at VCU must be posted on-line through the VCU career site unless a “waiver request” has been granted as an exception (see Waiver of Search Request for more information). University employee positions must be reviewed by HR prior to the final posting. (See the Talent@VCU wiki for detailed instructions on how to post your position.)

Keep in mind that the job posting may be a candidate’s first introduction to both the position and VCU. It should provide compelling information about the position, department and the University. Consider featuring the following information:

  • Highlight how the position supports the work of the school, business unit and university
  • Emphasize the opportunities for growth and career advancement
  • Describe the culture of the school or business unit. Is it an exciting atmosphere? An opportunity to work with experts in the field? Team atmosphere? Casual work environment? Flexible work?

Employer Brand

Remember that all postings and recruitment materials are part of the VCU employer brand.  Employer brand is an important part of the employee value proposition and is essentially what the organization communicates as its identity to both potential and current employees. It encompasses an organization’s mission, values, culture and personality. Employer brand communicates what type of place to work the organization is. Be sure that all recruitment materials promote a diverse, inclusive, equitable and belonging workplace. 

One way to do this is being mindful of the language used in postings. This means using inclusive language that resonates with all readers, including gender-neutral language and avoiding terms that are racially and culturally insensitive, ableist, ageist, sexist, and homophobic. avoid using jargon and terms that may be biased based on gender or race. Instead, aim for language that is welcoming and inclusive to all candidates. 

Additionally, showcase diversity initiatives, employee resource groups, and policies designed to appeal to untapped populations. The way postings are worded can communicate to potential talent whether or not your company values diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.

Source: SHRM