Posting type and hiring range

When creating a posting, it is important to identify the target applicant pool in order to determine the posting type. To determine a target applicant pool, hiring managers should consider the desired skills and/or experience of the applicants for which they are recruiting, budgeted funds, and the relevant market job salary ranges. Posting type and hiring range options are listed below:

  • Job Title Recruitment. A Job Title recruitment allows a department to post and recruit for a very specific level of experience or skillset (for example, Accountant, Level 1). Job Title recruitments may post a hiring salary range within the identified job title market range. Alternatively, departments may post the full market range not to exceed the job title maximum, post a narrow range within the identified market range, or post a single dollar amount.
  • Multi-Title Recruitment. A Multi-Title recruitment allows departments to post multiple job titles within a job series (Accountant, Level 1, 2, 3) with the final level determined based on the credentials of the selected candidate. When posting Multi-Title recruitments, typically a wide hiring range is posted. The hiring range must fall within the minimum of the Level 1 job title to maximum of the Level 3 job title. Alternatively, a department may choose to post only a maximum or minimum pay threshold or commensurate with experience. Multi-Title postings are the most frequently used in university and academic professional recruitments.
  • Job Series Recruitment. A Job Series recruitment allows a department to recruit for both the Base Job and Senior Job within a job series (for example, Accountant 1, 2, 3 and Senior Accountant 1, 2, 3) and consider a wide range of candidates and experience levels (from emerging, proficient, accomplished to expert) with the scope of work and responsibilities as well as the final job title and level determined based on the credentials of the selected candidate. Hiring ranges for Job Series recruitments are typically posted as commensurate with experience.

Guidelines for Establishing Posting Ranges

  1. Post a narrow range or single dollar amount, usually due to limited funds (example - grant funded position)
  2. Post a wide range, if willing to consider a wide range of candidates (example – potential to hire at entry level or expert level)
  3. Post at minimum range, if trying to bring up lower paid, qualified employees (example – typically VCU Employees Only search)
  4. Post with the maximum pay (example – Up to $50,000)
  5. Post “Commensurate with Experience” (Budget limitations as well as a range exist, but are not advertised.  This is often used for those positions that have been historically designated A/P Faculty)


HR Professionals will have the flexibility to offer up to 10% above the posted range (within the pay band) without seeking approval from Central HR or having to repost the position. Justifications, specifically for options 4 and 5 above, should be explained in the notes section of eJobs.  Quality assurance checks will be conducted to ensure compliance.