Faculty HR

This section is designed to serve as a resource for VCU human resources professionals/associates in processing faculty appointments and changes in status. On these pages, you will find links to the most commonly used university faculty policies and procedures, as well as instructions for processing a variety of faculty contracts and related personnel actions.

In addition to this section and Inside HR, human resources professionals/associates are also encouraged to utilize the following resources for faculty hiring information, resources and policies: 

Faculty HR Section FAQs

The Faculty HR section is new to InsideHR and was previously called "PA and hiring resources" on the VCU Office of the Provost website. The section was moved to meet web accessibility requirements, to offer quality control of documents, and to provide a central repository of information and resources for HR professionals/associates.  

Please note: documents and PDFs within this section are under review and may be updated soon to reflect the new InsideHR links. Thank you for your patience during this process. 

When did this section move to InsideHR?
Why is this section and its linked resources no longer on the VCU Office of the Provost website?
What are best practices for using the Faculty HR sections?
I have bookmarks or saved links from the old PA Resources section. Will those links be broken now?
What else will be changing?
I have questions about the section, a document, or something else related to faculty appointments and/or changes in status. Who can I contact?