Faculty Contracts

Human resource professionals/associates are responsible for preparing contracts for new faculty and issuing contract renewals to continuing tenure-track and term faculty on an annual basis. (Already-tenured faculty generally do not receive annual contracts unless seated in an administrative role or undergoing a job change.) HRP/A’s are also responsible for issuing adjunct faculty contracts and any affiliate faculty appointments, as applicable. Contract templates and instructions are provided to the HRP/A’s by the Office of the Provost, along with copies of the required terms and conditions documents that must accompany contracts. HRP/A’s must ensure that all signed contracts are filed in the university’s system of record for HR documents, currently ImageNow. If you need guidance regarding faculty contract issuance or access to templates, please reach out to ofrrhr@vcu.edu (Monroe Park Campus units) or vphshr@vcu.edu (health sciences campus units).