How to access Talent@VCU Recruiting and Support

Login links:

If you do not have access to the recruiting module in the pilot system or you have access to the live site but not to the MBUs you need, please follow the below steps to submit a ticket with the Talent team. You must complete all three parts of the Talent@VCU Recruiting training for staff and/or faculty in order to gain access to the live website. This can be a combination of attending webinar training sessions and/or watching webinar recordings. In order to create staff requisitions in Cornerstone, you must be assigned the appropriate security role and access. You will only be able to create and view requisitions for jobs within your MBU, unless otherwise specifically requested and approved. 


Support options

HR Service and Support tool: For most support inquiries please submit a ticket at

Submit a Request
1. Go to and login with your eID and password.
2. Click on "Make a Request"
3. Click on "Talent@VCU Recruiting" and select the corresponding cateogry for your support


Helpful definitions

Requisition: Requisitions are jobs and the building block of postings in Talent@VCU Recruiting. Multiple positions can be recruited into one requisition.  Applicants apply to requisitions (jobs) on career sites.

ReqID: ID associated with each requisition. ReqIDs are how you can search for requisitions in the system.  Always starts with characters "Req." The ReqID will also be required information when submitting tickets or emailing for help with questions.

Template: Templates are the building block of a requisition. All requisitions are created from templates. For staff requisitions, each job has its own template. Templates allow us to predefine requisition fields, job descriptions, and tailor the applicant experience.



Instructions for the life-cycle posting process, from creating a requisition to hiring and dispositioning candidates, please use the below links:

Training Links