Dispute resolution

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information and procedures that managers and university employees should follow to resolve employee disputes.

There are two types of dispute resolution:  Informal and Formal  

Informal dispute resolution is required when VCU employees raise concerns about their employment, excluding discrimination or ethics concerns. Concerns regarding discrimination are addressed by the Office of Equity and Access Services. Concerns regarding ethics are addressed by the VCU Integrity and Compliance Office. Informal dispute resolution may take three forms:

  • One-on-one meetings with management involvement; or

  • Facilitated discussions (University Ombudsperson or HR involvement); or

  • Mediation

Ideally, one of these informal dispute resolution options leads to a resolution of the concern. However, when informal dispute resolution is not successful, an employee may utilize the formal dispute resolution procedure, the VCU Grievance Procedure. When an employee’s wishes to file a grievance under this policy, the employee must submit a completed grievance form to the employee’s manager (or the manager’s manager if the employee’s complaint is about the manager). Management and employees are expected to adhere to the posted timelines unless both parties agree in writing to the contrary.

  • Classified Staff who choose to become University and Academic Professionals under the Working @ VCU: Great Place HR Policy have the option to file a state classified grievance and proceed under the Virginia Department of Human Resources Management’s (DHRMs) grievance procedure or under the grievance procedures contained in the VCU Great Place Policy.
  • Classified Staff who do not convert to University and Academic Professionals must file grievances under the the Virginia Department of Human Resources Management’s grievance procedure.
  • All other University and Academic Professionals follow the steps provided in the Working @ VCU: Great Place HR Policy when filing a grievance.