Classified staff compensation

The VCU classified salary administration plan outlines how the university implements the Commonwealth of Virginia’s classified compensation management system. The salary administration plan is the foundation for ensuring consistent application of compensation management and job evaluation decisions for classified positions. The plan will help prevent employee disputes based on misapplication of policy and it will assist the university in monitoring and evaluating the classified compensation management process.

VCU evaluates classified positions using the commonwealth’s classification system (whole job evaluation method). Positions are assigned to roles (known as “Position Classes” in Banner) that encompass a broad group of occupation-related jobs that represent varying levels of work and are further distinguished using the federal Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system (in Banner, known as federal Occupational Title Code or “OTC”).

Classified positions are administered based on the Department of Human Resources’ (DHRM) Compensation Policy (3.05) and pay practice guidelines.

Effective date
The effective date of the original VCU classified salary administration plan was Sept. 25, 2000. The latest revision of the salary administration plan became effective Oct. 25, 2004.

Recruitment and selection
All vacant, non-Teaching & Research positions at VCU are recruited as University and Academic Professionals. Any current VCU classified employee who competes and is selected as the top candidate for a VCU position, will receive an offer for a University and Academic Professional position. If a classified employee accepts the offer, the individual becomes a University and Academic Professional. If, however, the classified employee prefers to remain classified, the individual may request a new, classified offer. This offer is subject to the state’s classified pay practices.

Pay practices
VCU HR consultants provide consultation and technical guidance to managers and supervisors in their assigned departments on issues dealing with compensation management and job evaluation. All compensation actions for Classified staff must follow the state’s Compensation Policy (3.05) and pay practice guidelines and recognition award guidelines.

Depending on the pay practice being implemented, documentation may include a pay action worksheet, employee work profile, current performance evaluation on file with an acceptable level of employee performance and/or a completed personnel action form. Role changes, in-band adjustments and recognition awards are implemented on a monthly basis (effective the 10th of the month).