Threat assessment and violence prevention

Employee Relations staff have developed a response plan for concerns about potential violence in the workplace. The staff coordinate their efforts with the VCU Police, VCU Employee Health Services' medical director and other campus resources. These efforts focus on developing preventive measures and offering supportive responses to potential problems. 

In addition, staff provide support to the university’s Division of Student Affairs in compliance with the Campus Security Act. The act requires colleges and universities to collect and disclose information about campus safety policies, procedures and statistics on certain crimes that have taken place on campus. The act further requires that colleges and universities record the number of crimes reported, not only to police, but also to anyone who has significant responsibilities for students and campus activities. At VCU, those individuals include all Division of Student Affairs professionals and Human Resources Employee Relations staff. 

If you suspect a potentially violent situation at VCU, consult the threat assessment and violence prevention policy and the reporting flow chart for appropriate reporting procedures, or contact VCU Employee Relations at or (804) 828-1510.


Awareness is the best tool to address individuals in distress and help prevent workplace violence. For resources, visit the VCU Police website