Screen applicants

The objective of the screening process is to ensure that the best qualified applicants are selected for an interview. Applicants are those who apply via VCU online recruiting system during the active recruitment period. All applications must be carefully considered, and the reasons for not selecting applicants must be applied consistently. Applications received after a posting has closed may not be considered. Due to the stringent validation requirements for applicant testing, the use of tests during the screening process is not recommended. If a hiring manager is interested in applicant testing, it must be approved by VCU HR, in collaboration with VCU Equity and Access.

It is recommended that the screening process begin once the minimum posting period has been met. HR completes a preliminary review of all applications to identify applicants with protected veteran status or applicants that may have preferential hiring rights due to layoff and to ensure recruitment efforts resulted in a diverse applicant pool including minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans.

A hiring manager may screen applications exclusively or request the assistance of a search committee or employees familiar with the position. If the hiring manager is not completing the preliminary application review, they should clearly communicate to the reviewers the minimum and preferred qualifications for the position. The hiring manager should be consulted at any point in the process if further clarification is needed.

As a first step in the screening process, the hiring manager should determine whether an applicant meets the required qualifications for the position. Consulting the competencies and required qualifications documented in the posting will ensure selection of the most qualified candidates and that screening decisions are made in a way that protects against claims of discrimination in hiring. Applicants who lack any one of a position’s required qualifications should be removed from further consideration.