In partnership with VCU's offices of Environmental Health & Safety and Insurance & Risk Management, following is information and resources to help Personnel Administrators (PAs) manage university volunteers (a formal program was formerly managed by VCU Health). Please review the following to ensure that the volunteer completes the related forms and reviews information prior to being placed within the university:

  • Enter the volunteer’s information into the affiliate database (as you do for other affiliates) so he/she can obtain a VCUCard ID and VCU email address. NOTE: There is a charge to the department for the volunteer to obtain a VCUCard ID, which is needed to obtain a VCU email address.
  • Review the Employee and Affiliate Identification Policy for affiliates, students, patients and visitors.
  • Determine what personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed for the volunteer.
  • Ensure the volunteer is assigned a supervisor/contact person and is given a tour of the assigned facility.
  • Once the volunteer's work assignment is completed, obtain the individual's keys, ID and equipment.

Prior to providing volunteer services, all volunteers are required to:

  • Complete a VCU Volunteer Data Form (search under forms).
  • Provide a completed VCU Health Form for Volunteers (search under forms), as well as the following immunization records for review by the PA (or designee) and VCU Employee Health Services:
    • If volunteering in labs with no animal contact:
      • None 
    • If volunteering and working with and around animals (such as rodents, rabbits, etc.):
  • View and complete the online VCU Safety Awareness Orientation.