Planning and tracking progress

Employees work with their managers to create, evaluate, and update career development plans as part of the annual performance review process. The plan represents important decisions and agreements made between employees and their managers about career development, pathing and advancement. The plan is also the document in which career development activities, barriers and adjustments to goals, and broader changes to the plan are tracked. Collaboratively, an employee and manager establish a career development plan.

  1. The employee completes the career development plan template in Talent@VCU. Elements of the plan include:

    • Goals, skills/competencies and experiences needed, learning methods and resources needed
    • Action steps, begin and end dates, progress and review dates
    • Evaluation of the plan and notes for successive plans
  2. The manager reviews, discusses, revises, if necessary and approves the plan. If the plan requires a fiscal commitment, the manager’s approval acts as an intent to fund the plan. Additional departmental approval may be required to assure funds are available. Plans should be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect budgetary changes that impact career and professional development activities.

  3. The employee is responsible for tracking development activities and updating the plan as steps are completed. Progress towards career goals is tracked directly in the plan. Employees and managers are encouraged to review progress and update the plan on a quarterly basis.

  4. During the annual performance review process, the employee and manager evaluate the year-long progress that has been made against the prior year plan and develop a new or revised career plan for the next year.