Responsibility to Report

Any person employed by a public or private institution of higher education (i.e. every VCU employee) is required by law to report suspected instances of child abuse and neglect (§63.2-1509 of the Code of Virginia).

The law protects good faith reporters from liability, as outlined in the Responsibilities of Mandated Reporters. You can make reports to the local Social Services Department or to the Department of Social Services (DSS) toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline at 1.800.552.7096 or via the VACPS secure portal.

In addition to reporting to CPS, all VCU employees are required to report the abuse to their supervisor and VCU Police within 24 hours. Employees should be prepared to report the who, what, where, when, of what happened.

If you have questions about VCU's Safety and Protection of Minors policy, please send an email to or call (804) 828-2841.

Mandated Reporter Portal:

The Virginia Department of Social Services has a secure website that allows Virginia mandated reporters to expedite the submission of non-emergency reports of suspected child abuse or neglect directly to the Commonwealth hotline.

Access the VACPS Secure Portal

VACPS Portal Overview Video