Mid-year goal and job changes

Employees may encounter circumstances, such as a change in job duties that necessitates a mid-year change in performance SMART goals. Employees may enter performance goal modifications and new performance goals in Talent@VCU at any time during the annual performance cycle. Managers are notified by Talent@VCU of new performance goals or changed performance goals with an email request to review and approve them.  

At other times, employees may have concerns with the scope of their role and the amount of work responsibilities they are being given that  is  consistently requiring long working hours, and is negatively impacting their work/life balance. In this situation, employees are encouraged to meet with their manager to discuss their concerns and ideas for improvements in their work environment

If this meeting does not resolve the situation, other avenues include:

  1. Discussing concerns with their HR professional.
  2. Contacting the VCU HR Office of Employee Relations.

Utilizing the VCU HR Organizational Effectiveness (OE), which offers a review of workload distribution among teams, identifies imbalances, and proposes changes for increasing efficiency. The manager or HR Professional typically contacts OE for a consultation.