Workers' compensation

Helping an employee initiate a claim

Investigating the accident

  • Investigate the accident promptly.
  • Contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to assist in follow-up prevention efforts.
  • Determine ways to prevent future accidents.
  • Counsel employee on proper safety standards.

While the claim is open

  • Communicate with employee on his/her progress and work modifications.
  • Communicate with Workers' Compensation Office concerning employee's progress.
  • Provide employee with the FMLA Request Form form to complete if injury or illness resulted in a "serious health condition" or he/she has missed more than 3 days from work.
  • Ensure that employee follows work restrictions recommended by panel physician.
  • Seek modified or transitional duty assignments if needed by employee.


Workers’ compensation claims management: 
VCU Human Resources Workers’ Compensation Office, (804) 828-1533 or

Claim determination, medical authorizations, billing: 
Managed Care Innovations (MCI), (804) 649-2288.

Medical issues, work restrictions: 
Panel physician or Employee Health Services, (804) 828-0584.

Department timekeeper or VCU Human Resources Leave Administration, (804) 828-1712.